Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brides Talk: Chicago Wedding Season 2012

Planning a wedding does not have to be chore – make the process easy and save some money along the way. Chicago limo service elitechicagolimo.com overviews a typical Chicago wedding scenario.

A bride in a white dress with her bridesmaids inside the SUV limo Chicago

Typically, a wedding day would start with morning preparations. Dressing-up, suiting-up, getting hair and makeup done is a normal start of the day. Then, the wedding party has to get to the church. Normally, groom with groomsmen travel frost and later comes the bride with her bridesmaids. Also, there are various numbers of guests that arrive to the ceremony. After the ceremony, all the guests travel to the banquet hall to wait for the newlyweds. On the other hand, the wedding party cruises around Chicago for pictures

Taking pictures is one of the fun parts of the day. The entire wedding party gets to feel like they are the super models for a couple of hours. It is very important thought where the photo-shoot takes place.  Some weddings like to go all around Chicago to take pictures. They choose places which have high romantic value in their relationship. Here, again, transportation plays an important role, because it has to be efficient, quick and most importantly comfortable. 

Having a limo rented for the entire day will ensure a great way of transportation. Not only the wedding party will be everywhere on time, but they will also travel in style and abundance. Moreover, a stretch limo is a great mean of adding spice to wedding pictures. White, pearl and silver limousines look the best in wedding photographs.

A bride and 3 bridesmaids poses in front of Chicago stretch SUV

Chicago offers many limousines to choose from: Luxury Lincoln, Cadillac, Chrysler, Hummer H2, or even Party Bus. Small parties Even the pickiest bride will find something to enjoy. Normally, a Saturday wedding limo service is booked 4-6 months in advance.  However, if the wedding is on Friday or Sunday, a 3 month notice should be enough to guarantee availability for a dream limo.

After basic examination of a typical Chicago wedding, it is clear that transportation plays an extremely important role. Therefore, it is wise not to delay until the last minute, but rent limo service Chicago in advance. Not only it will enhance the transportation and wedding pictures, it will also make planning process much easier.

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